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All the color in the world has been sucked away seemingly overnight, and the world is overrun by malicious spirits!

Use the remaining color of your soul to perform strategic battles. When your team's soul colors are combined, the color formed changes your team's stats dramatically.

Explore the post-disaster overworld, with hundreds of items, gather survivors and try to understand details of the disaster before its too late. Dark passages can be navigated fully by sound alone.

Inspired by games like Golden Sun, Suikoden and Undertale, and a soundtrack inspired by a unique blend of ambiance, 80's synth, 8-bit and Supertramp. The game has a heavy focus on philosophy and deductive reasoning. Do you think you can figure out the mystery of the lost color?

Lead Developer - Richard Merryfield
Writers - Matthew Palumbo, Richard Merryfield
Artists - Ben Carswell, Richard Merryfield

Install instructions

Note to blind players: To enable blind mode, unzip the folder, and locate the file "config.ini". Change "access=0" to "access=1". This will enable blind mode. You can also enable streaming mode (graphics) by changing "access_force_graphics" to 1 as well, but this costs more processing.


colors.zip 93 MB